Saturday, 5 February 2011


Morning, a little later than normal.  I had a horrible night.  Felt like I was burning up.  Woke up at 4 with the beginning of a headache, which I still have.  I have of course found time to poas and it was positive (actually lighter than the day before but so was my pee - Im so obsessive I even monitor the colour of my pee - ouch).

If I didnt have a positive poas I would definately be thinking that AF was coming, indeed even with a positive test Im still stressing that AF is coming.  You hear so much about chemical pregnancies.  Could I have a chemical pregnancy with a positive test for 6 days?  I dont think so but I dont know.

DH has just said that when he came to bed last night (I make the journey to bed about 9ish at the moment) that I had my hotwater bottle on my stomach!  Well thats a no, no.  You are not surposed to raise your basal temperature.  He knows about these things and put it back by my feet where it was supposed to be.  You know the Chinese put great stock in warm feet.  Warm feet warm uterus.  Cold feet therefore equates to a cold uterus and fertility problems.  (You also have to keep your back or girth warm.)

IVF glossary of terms
FET - frozen embryo transfer
EC - egg collection
DH - dear husband (although we are not married)
POAS - pee on a stick
AF - Aunt Flo - your period
10dp5dt - Number - days post Number - day transfer eg 10 days post a 5 day transfer
OTD - official test date
BFP - big fat positive
Bfn - the opposite (you may have guessed that I am superstitious)

I will be checking on an ivf forum that I belong to today as it is the otd for a girl on a thread I contribute to.  Sometimes girls post there results on line before they even tell there nearest and dearest.  Its the interface.  I happily typed my results on here before telling a living soul.

Symptoms = headache, burping, cramping in the night, hot hot hot

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